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Virtual Phone Updates

Current App Versions

To see what version of the app you are using, refer to your installed computer or mobile app. The most current version of the app released by Midco are:

  • iOS tablet and phone: 5.3.2001
  • Android tablet and phone:
  • PC client:
  • Mac client:

Virtual Phone App Update (August 2018)

The August 2018 Virtual Phone (previously Softphone) app release includes the following changes:

iOS Mobile Devices: version 5.3.2001

  • A fix for crashes occurring after upgrading from a previous app version

To update, go to the App Store on your device. Tap Updates, locate the Midco Virtual Phone app and tap Update.

Mac Desktop: version
PC Desktop: version

  • A fix so special characters work properly when they’re included in a .csv file for import and export of contact lists
  • A fix so calls answered on one device don’t display as missed calls on other devices
  • Call recordings playing back directly form History now use your default music app


Virtual Phone Updates (May 2018)

The May 2018 Virtual Phone (previously Softphone) app release includes the following changes.

All Devices and Desktop Clients

  • The app is now called Virtual Phone, rather than Softphone.
  • Mobile phone users: If you already use the app on a mobile phone, you’ll want to update your app through your respective store, the App Store® and Google Play™.1
  • Tablet users: There is no longer a combined app for mobile phones and tablets. You’ll need to download the new tablet app from your respective app store – and then remove the old app.
  • Desktop client users: If you have a desktop version of the virtual phone, you’ll need to download it from the Midco Business website.

 Mac Desktop Download   PC Desktop Download

  • The new app version includes a slightly refreshed look and feel, enhancements, improved stability and performance, and miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • User interface upgrades include the following: call control buttons are round, and video icons are now at the bottom of the screen – and they automatically hide when not in use.
  • You can now turn off hyperlink previews in your messages if you wish.

Android Devices


  • With improved notifications, you can turn off heads-up notifications and change the snooze interval for incoming messages.
  • Some Android 7.0 users may experience issues opening the app from the tray notification. If this happens to you, please use the launcher icon to access the app.
  • If you use a Huawei or Xiaomi device, that device may be disabled for heads-up notifications – due to a known issue of users not being able to answer incoming calls using these devices, when a heads-up notification displays.

Bluetooth and Microphones

  • The update fixes issues of some Android OS users not hearing incoming audio through a Bluetooth device, and users previously could not change the audio output to a Bluetooth device.
  • The app no longer retains control of the microphone after a call, when the user tried to use audio for another app.

Calls and Screens

  • Users no longer experience issues with the app preventing a native phone call to their mobile device.
  • When using the Android O operating system, users will now see one video screen rather than two during a video call.
  • Some Android OS device screens remain off when you receive a call. If this occurs double-tap the screen to wake the phone and answer the call.
  • The dial pad is optimized for resizing in multi-window mode, and devices running Android 7 (Nougat) and higher can now display a second app on the device. To switch to multi-window mode, tap the Android Overview button and then the Multi-window icon. Select the second app you want to display. (You can only select second apps that also support multi-window functions.) To end the multi-window display, long-press the Multi-window icon or tap the center of the screen and then the X.
  • The app now works in portrait or landscape mode, when rotation is enabled on a device.

Apple Devices


If you’re using an iPhone, you can now accept calls when the app is in the background, when the proper setting is enabled.

  • To enable on this feature, go to your device Settings > Background Support > Enhanced. Please keep in mind that having this setting turned on can cause your device to use more battery.
  • When this feature is set to Default, the app will not accept calls when the app is in the background.

Operating Systems

  • iOS 11 is now supported. The app now supports iOS 10 or higher. 

App Features Summary

  • With each new app release, you’ll now see a features update summary called What’s New. You can review each feature, or tap Skip to go straight to the app.


  • For Bluetooth, ringing now occurs properly for iPhone calls.

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