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How do I make a call?

Choose one of these options to make a call using your Apple computer.

  • Enter the number in the call entry field using the dial pad or your computer’s keyboard and click the Call button or press Enter.
  • Control-click on an entry from your Contacts or History tab and choose Call.
  • Double click on an entry in the Contacts or History tab.

When you’re on a call, you can click on another contact or use the dial pad to make another call. The existing call will automatically be put on hold.

To switch between calls, click Resume on the desired call panel. That call becomes the active call, and all other calls are put on hold.

There is no limit to the number of calls you can make, although eventually the quality of audio and video will degrade because of the computer’s limitations.

How do I answer a call?

When the softphone application is in the foreground, the new call appears in its own panel. When the application is in the background (and the focus is on another application), the incoming call notification appears in the upper right hand corner.

Click the green phone button to answer a call. If you are already on another call, the first call will automatically be put on hold.

Click the red phone button to direct the incoming call to voicemail.

The softphone application must be running in order to answer incoming calls.

How do I access my voicemail?

If you have new voicemail, a notification will show on the voicemail icon on the main screen. Click the icon to automatically connect to voicemail and listen to any messages.

How do I disable call waiting?

If you don’t want to be distracted during your phone calls, you can disable call waiting and send incoming calls to voicemail when you’re already on the line.

  • On the main screen, click the down arrow button next to the volume to see more options.
  • Select Disable Call Waiting.

A check mark will indicate the feature is enabled.

How do I transfer a call?

  1. Click the Transfer button. This puts the call on hold and brings up a call entry field.
  2. Type a name or number, or drag a contact into the field.
  3. Click Transfer Now.

The call may end immediately as your transfer goes through, or it may show “Calling.” If it shows “Calling,” do not hang up immediately; if the other person doesn’t answer, the call will come back to you.

How do I make a conference call?

You can start a conference call in multiple ways.

Create a conference call from the dashboard

  1. Enter the number or select a number from your redial list.
  2. Click the down arrow next to the green phone button and choose Start Conference Call.
  3. Type a name or number, or drag a contact into the field.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Add more participants as you like.

Add participants to an existing established call

  1. Select the menu button next to the red End Call button and choose Invite to Conference Call.
  2. Enter the number or drag a contact into the field to add more contacts to your call.

Merge two or more established calls

Select the menu button next to the red End Call button, and choose Merge Calls.

If you want to add more participants to an existing conference call:

  • Control-click on a contact or history item and choose Add to Conference Call.
  • In the conference call panel, click Invite to Conference Call, enter a name or number and click Add.

To end a conference call, choose End Conference from the conference menu.

How do I view my call history?

Choose View from the menu bar, and then Show History.

You can control-click on an entry in this list to:

  • Delete the entry
  • Delete all entries in the list
  • Edit the profile if the entry is a contact
  • Add an entry as a contact.

How to transfer a call between devices

Midco Softphone's Call Grabber feature lets you transition a call between devices with the Softphone application.

To transfer a call, dial *25 from the device you'd like to transfer the call to, and start speaking. 

If this feature isn't functioning, contact Midco Support. 

Using headsets or earbuds with the softphone

Any wired earbuds that conform to the device's specifications (for audio and microphone) should work with the softphone.

Any device that has bluetooth and is fully compatible with Apple operating systems should work with softphone.

Here is a list of supported headsets. Other headsets may also work, but the ones listed have been thoroughly tested.

Data usage

The average call uses between 0.5 MB and 1 MB per minute of conversation. However, the amount of data your calls consume depend on a number of technical factors, so your actual usage may differ.

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