24/7 Network Operations Center

Keeping Your Business Fully Operational

Businesses rely on a working network connection to support transactional and operational functions. Our Network Operations Center goes the extra mile to ensure you’re up and running.

Imagine having an entire team of experts constantly working to keep your network connection strong. When you work with Midco Business, this team will always be at work for you. (It’s included with your service.)

Our Network Operations Center takes action to keep the network fully operational. We monitor every mile of our Midco Network. We are prepared for multiple scenarios – including emergencies – so we can immediately dispatch our network specialists in your area.

Essentially, you’ll always be in business when you work with Midco Business as your provider.


Superior Support

We have experts monitoring and servicing the Midco network around the clock. Our staff undergoes advanced training about services delivered across networks – including that from the National Cable Television Institute (NCTI) and Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). Our team’s certifications include SCTE and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

Disaster Recovery Plan

Sometimes events occur that are beyond anyone’s control. Our network is highly redundant so we can minimize the impact of a centralized disaster from affecting a larger area. If a natural disaster affects your area, rest assured that we have an emergency response team to quickly restore service.

NOC-to-NOC Communication

If you use Midco as a connection between national, regional or local carrier networks, we’ll work directly with those providers’ Network Operations Centers to manage your service. You won’t be caught in middle when you don’t want to be.

Put Our Team to Work for You

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