Ethernet and Internet

Extend your network in the Upper Midwest while enjoying the service and cost flexibility of choosing between fiber or hybrid fiber coax (HFC) over DOCSIS delivery. When you partner with Midco®, you’ll connect to the Midco Network, the region’s only wholly owned, operated and engineered network.

Whether your business strategy – and your client – needs fiber or DOCSIS via HFC, our network is ready for you. Combine our solutions with our network’s advanced architecture and superior support, and you’ll see why national and regional providers turn to Midco to connect in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Fiber Solutions

Midco enables you to connect to thousands of on-net fiber locations, as well as carrier hotels and POPs, with carrier Ethernet over fiber and internet over fiber.

Our MPLS fiber solutions meet high industry standards for the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Not only has Midco's carrier Ethernet service earned these certifications, but our network staff is also MEF CECP certified. Whether you’re looking for E-Access, E-Line or an E-LAN option, we can meet your business needs.

Ethernet Over Fiber
  • Synchronous solution
  • Offers flexibility and scalability
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds in increments between 10 Mbps and 100 Gbps
Internet Over Fiber
  • Symmetrical
  • Reliable, high performance services
  • Can grow quickly with your needs
  • Proven, high-capacity infrastructure that’s geographically distributed and scalable


Our network is ready for you at more than 20,000 on-net HFC locations, with carrier Ethernet and internet over DOCSIS.

Midco is an industry-leading company in CMTS and DOCSIS implementation. We’re among the first in the country deploying new network and modem technology to deliver gigabit internet via DOCSIS to our entire service area, and our engineering, technician and support team members have earned Cisco certifications.

Carrier Ethernet over DOCSIS
  • Delivers a powerful private connection with the cost-effectiveness of HFC
  • Manage your own circuit
  • Give your client a private wide area network (WAN)
  • Get private connectivity to an NNI
Internet Over DOCSIS
  • Affordable, asynchronous solution
  • Internet downloads up to 200 Mbps
  • Scalable continuous link between your client’s local area network (LAN) and the Internet

Connect with Us

We offer on-net and near-net flat rate pricing and the flexibility to scale your solution. Combine that with our network’s advanced architecture and superior support, and you’ll see why national and regional providers turn to Midco Business.

If you’re looking for a network with the most up-to-date service, or one that has the potential to reach you through custom builds, contact us.

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