Carrier Services

MEF 2.0 Certified

Your due diligence is done. Not only is our carrier Ethernet MEF 2.0 certified, but so are our network engineers.

Partner with us with confidence, knowing that we meet industry standards and your exact specifications.

Get MEF-Certified Carrier Ethernet and Internet from Midco

If you’re looking to extend your network, you can trust the privately owned Midco® Network, one of the most reliable fiber networks in the Midwest.

Like many of our customers, once you partner with Midco Business, you’ll want to stay with us. That’s because we make it easy for carriers, wholesale high-speed internet providers, corporations and government entities to get started and stay connected with Ethernet and internet via fiber or DOCSIS.

Carriers can also expand their network capabilities by accessing Midco’s network through our NNI agreements.

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24/7 Support and Monitoring

Taking care of our customers is our specialty. Dedicated support contacts and around-the-clock network monitoring come standard with your service.

99.999% Uptime Reliability

To prove our service is as good as our word, we stand ready to deliver comprehensive service level agreements to our carriers with up to 99.999%  core network reliability.

More Than 8,600 Miles of Coverage

The Midco Network is a private network with 8,600 miles of fiber and growing. That means we can personally ensure every mile of the network is doing its job. Plus, whenever you need assistance, you’ll only have to contact Midco. We work with other network operation centers, so you don’t have to.

Midco Network Coverage

Ethernet and Internet

Whether you need fiber or DOCSIS via HFC for your business, connect with our network using one of our Ethernet and internet connections.

Ethernet and Internet

Cell Backhaul

Mobile wireless carriers looking for a connection between a cell tower and switching facility can access a portion of Midco’s network.

Cell Backhaul


Our wavelength service provides scalable bandwidth options to wholesale providers and businesses requiring 1/10/100 gigabits of connectivity.

Wavelength Service

Data Center Services

We own and operate our network, and now you can make a direct POP connection through Midco's data centers.

Midco Data Centers

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

It only takes one call or email to understand why Midco is a top choice for national and local carriers and wholesalers. Our experienced consultants can help you get started. Get in touch with us for pricing or technical information.

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