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Score Big with Sports Advertising

As a business owner, you’re just as passionate about your business as sports fans are about their favorite team. Reach those dedicated fans by advertising with Midco® Business.

Your customers spend hours each day on devices while sitting in front of their TVs. When they’re watching sports, they’re also checking sports websites and social media for other sports scores and more. These fans are valuable to your business. 


Fans make the extra effort to watch their teams. Sports made up 80% of the top 100 cable programs in local markets, and fans watched 94% of sports live!1


Stats show that fans remember your business better when advertised during sports – especially live – than on non-sports programming.2


People of all ages, demographics and interests enjoy sports. It’s also nearly an even split between men and women watching sports.

And all kinds of people enjoy sports. In fact, 90% of all viewers watch sports programming, meaning you can reach who you want, when you want.

Cable TV & Digital Ads: A Winning Strategy

Taking a multi-screen advertising approach is vital. Studies show that advertising campaigns that incorporate both traditional television and online advertising have more success than TV-only advertising campaigns.

Midco Business can get your ads on sports websites and the most popular cable TV sports networks – and on some of the biggest games.

Digital Plus Cable TV Ads Equal Three Times Better ROI

Reach Consumers Online

The Midco Digital Ad Network (MDAN) places your ads where your customers catch up on sports scores, read news, check email and more. Based on demographic and geo-targeting selections you make, your ads appear with 100% accuracy to the right audiences among our 300,000+ Midco internet customers. We also offer online advertising solutions to reach non-Midco customers.

Get in the Game on TV with Sports Packages

Whether you want to reach a broad audience or capitalize on a single event, we can help. Midco offers more than a dozen sports packages where your business can be seen and then reap the benefits. Here are just a few options ranging from professional to local college sports:

March Madness

Get your business seen by the avid fans who tune in to these big college games – only on TBS and TNT in March and April.

NFL Draft

Everyone’s watching how college stars journey to pro ball on ESPN, ESPN2 and NFL Network.


Reach hoops fans throughout the region, whether you want to be seen during the regular season, the playoffs, or both.

Frozen Four

College hockey fans are some of the most passionate out there. Score a goal with your ad in the April men’s semifinals and championship game.

Minnesota Twins

With a strong Twins fan base in our region, you can hit a home run with business advertising during Twins games on FSN April – September.


Reach customers in our region on our own regional sports network. Football, hockey, basketball, summer sports and more – Midco Sports Network® has it all.

We're With You Every Step of the Way

From start to finish, we're here to make your advertising campaign a success. We can help you with every aspect of getting an ad on TV or online, from conception, to creation, to placement. Our Midco consultants:

  • Listen to your current advertising strategy and recommend a campaign.
  • Work with you to select the best places to target your ads online and on cable TV.
  • Direct our award-winning teams to write, design and produce your ad. 
  • Help you optimize where your ads appear online and make sure you're getting the results you expect from your TV commercials once they're live.

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We'll answer all your questions and guide you through the process. Find a consultant in your area, or request a consultation. 

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1 Nielsen Npower; 1/4/16-5/15/16
2 comScore data
Advertising Research Foundation: Ground Truth, How Advertising Works Today, 2016

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