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Reach Your Customers with Online Ads

TV and digital ads make a powerful duo. Adding online ads to your TV marketing mix reinforces your message in customers' minds. In fact, ad reach and recall can nearly double.

Midco's digital ad targeting options allow you to focus on your customers, and help you attract new ones. Target customers by zip code or distance from your business, demographics, or lifestyle attributes.

Midco Digital Ad Network

Find everything you need to know from how our digital ad technology works to pricing for the Midco Digital Ad Network.

Midco Digital Ad Network

How It Works

ISP Subscribers

As one of the region’s largest Internet service providers (ISP), we provide exceptionally accurate online targeting. Whereas most online targeting is based on IP addresses that can cover a broad area, we supplement our targeting with subscriber data, allowing far more accurate geo-targeting. Find your customers on the Midco Digital Ad Network.


In addition to targeting ISP subscribers, you can extend your digital ads to Internet users who are not on the Midco network. You'll have the flexibility of a traditional ad network, combined with precise geo-targeting for select markets. Learn how the Midco Digital Ad Network can help.

We'll Create Your Digital Ad

You don't need to pay another agency or designer to create your ad. You also don't need to do it yourself. We'll do it for you. Here's a glimpse of what our creative process looks like:

Step 1: We'll set up a consultation.

You or your team will sit down with an advertising consultant to discuss your goals, whether it's brand awareness or highlighting a sale. If you have existing commercials or campaigns, we can also create digital ads to complement your marketing efforts.

Step 2: We’ll gather creative assets.

You'll let our creative team know of any ideas you have or specific calls to action you want to make. We'll also ask for your company logo.

Step 3: We’ll create your ads.

The creative team will design static or animated graphics based on our discussions. Once they are done, you'll have a chance to approve it before it goes live.

Step 4: Your ads will start to appear on the Internet.

Once your ads are online, we'll continue to ensure they're getting results by optimizing where they appear.

Locate Your Audience

Target by Household Demographics

Target customers with traditional marketing segments, such as:

  • Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status and children
  • Age
  • Home ownership

Target by Lifestyle Categories

What is your audience is interested in? Choose from more than 23 categories, and get your ad in front of people actively searching for everything from automotive to travel.

Target by Household Geography

With 100% geo-targeted accuracy, Midco is able to identify unique IP addresses in specified zip codes, cities or DMAs. Choose an area on the map to focus on, and our Ad Network takes care of the rest.

Let's Talk About Advertising

We’ll answer all your digital advertising questions and guide you through the process. Find a consultant in your area through our online search. You can also request a consultation.

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