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Data Centers: How Do They Fit into My Enterprise IT Strategy?

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Today, about 60% of enterprises operate solely on-premises. By the year 2024, that number will decrease to 20%.1

What's causing the shift? Colocation and cloud-based solutions are more accessible and efficient than ever before. Businesses no longer have to choose one storage option over another – and they’re reaching peak business continuity by diversifying server and IT equipment. Plus third-party data centers offer increased and dedicated backup security – which provide cost-effective solutions for risk mitigation and compliance requirements.

In today's complex digital world, enterprises in every type of industry should consider adding data centers into the mix. 

Are You Thinking About Restructuring Your IT Strategy?

The white paper Data Centers: How Do They Fit into My Enterprise IT Strategy? breaks the technical details down to help you determine how colocation can play a valuable role for your enterprise – and if it’s the right time to make the move.

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1 – This Wave of Data Center Consolidation is Different from the First One, Q12018