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Case Studies

Providing a Tenant-Focused Experience with Community Internet

Case Studies

In-unit laundry, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, indoor parking – you name it, Dakota Lofts has it. After all, when it comes to amenities, LPM Property Management decided that its 40-unit, apartment complex located in the heart of Sioux Falls should appeal to all types of tenants looking to live downtown.

"We really have a whole variety of tenants that live at Dakota Lofts," said Laura Arnett, Director of Property Management. "We have everyone from young professionals who are living alone, to families, to the elderly who are just wanting to experience the downtown life."

To deliver on the up-and-coming, bustling downtown lifestyle, the property management team decided that adding high-speed internet as a standard amenity was simply a logical next step for Dakota Lofts. With Midco Community Internet, they’re able to provide a direct, instant internet connection in every unit, so tenants never have to wait to get online.

Making It Home

It’s no secret that today’s average tenant wants to be connected. Whether it’s streaming music to motivate their unpacking – or updating their billing address online, being connected helps residents feel at home, right away.

"Being able to walk them into their apartment on their move-in day and say, 'Your internet is here. It’s set up. You’re ready to go,' is a huge plus for us," said Arnett.

"I think for the tenants at Dakota Lofts, it’s very important for them to have access to high-speed internet, because whether you are 18 years old or 80 years old, you want access to the things you want," she added.

Equipping Every Unit

With Community Internet, each individual unit relies on an inconspicuous, wall-mounted modem to provide a direct connection to Midco’s reliable network. Because a modem is in every unit, tenants also have more control over how they’d like to optimize their connection – whether it’s upgrading to a wireless modem or upping their speeds to meet their own needs.

At Dakota Lofts, Arnett and her team were impressed with the quick, simple installation process. "The installation process with managed internet at Dakota Lofts was quite seamless, actually," said Arnett. "The technicians arrived at the time and day that they said that they would, and everything went very smoothly. They actually got done much faster than we anticipated."

"The equipment that was installed for the Managed Internet, it actually is very low profile – much more low profile than I was anticipating," added Arnett.

"And that is great for our residents, because if they want to put a TV in front of it or a cabinet or put it behind the couch, it doesn’t impede their ability to decorate their apartment how they’d like."

Supporting Tenants Around the Clock

As a property manager in a large development company, Arnett acknowledges that Midco’s 24/7 customer service is a perk of their Managed Internet solution. Tenants can call directly with connection concerns or upgrade inquiries at any time, without contacting their property manager.

"I know that for our residents who have issues – when they’ve had to call – they said it’s been very nice to be able to just call one number, get one person, and be able to deal with the issue over the phone – as opposed to having to try to go through two or three different avenues to get there," said Arnett.

By providing managed internet to the tenants of Dakota Lofts, LPM Property Management is offering a valuable amenity – one that Arnett is confident will continue to draw people to move in.

"At Dakota Lofts and at LPM Property Management, we were looking for a provider that could give us a value add for our residents, and Midco is able to do that for us," said Arnett.

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A complete solution that includes network monitoring and support, Midco Community Internet gives your residents the quality connection they want, while you can focus on managing your property.

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