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Serving Up Success, One Cup at a Time

Midco Meg-a-Latte Case StudiesWhen the oil boom hit western North Dakota, Megan Wold seized the opportunity to open her own coffee shop, Meg-A-Latte. At first, she stuck to advertising in her comfort zone – newspaper ads, shopper publications and flyers in her community of Williston. That all changed when a Midco Business consultant presented a cable TV advertising package to help brew up more business.

A Personal Connection

Wold already had a partnership with Midco for business Internet service, so it made sense to learn more about Midco advertising services when the consultant suggested a plan. The two worked together to brainstorm the right blend of advertising for Meg-A-Latte. “I really feel that she has my best interest in mind,” Wold says of her consultant.

Each Midco consultant collaborates with businesses to:

  • Target the appropriate geographic areas and demographic segments
  • Identify the right networks for cable TV advertising or websites for digital advertising
  • Develop a creative strategy for developing a TV commercial or digital ads
“The number one benefit of having Midco as a partner in advertising is the customer service that they provide throughout the whole process,” says Wold. “They really think about what type of business you are and what services you provide, and then try to hit the right demographic that fits your company.”

Professional and Affordable

To create her TV commercial, Wold and her consultant worked with Midco commercial producers, who created a concept and a script, shot video at her coffee shop, and edited the commercial to appear on TV.

“They saw the vision that I have for my company’s brand. I wanted others to see that Meg-A-Latte coffee house is a really friendly place to hang out and get a great cup of coffee – and that’s what the Midco team gave me,” says Wold.

She also hears many positive comments about how professional and polished her ads look. Wold jokes, “People ask me if I had someone come from L.A. to shoot it, but the truth is, Midco creates a package that works for any business’ budget – big or small.”

“I’m a young female entrepreneur, and I care about my business and the services I provide,” she says. “My advertising shows the community that I’m serious about what I’m doing as a business owner, and that I care about my customers and the quality I give them.”

A Positive Impact

Thanks to advertising services from Midco, Meg-A-Latte has increased traffic and brand awareness in Williston and beyond. When the coffee shop held its first-ever customer appreciation event – complete with free food, live music, inflatables and more – her Midco advertising consultant suggested adding information about the event to her commercials a month in advance. “I was nervous that people wouldn’t come, but it really boosted the awareness of my event. We had 500-600 people come out, which was a great success,” Wold says.

At the consultant’s recommendation, Meg-A-Latte also began advertising on cable TV channels in surrounding communities. Since then, the coffee shop has gained new and repeat customers from those areas.

Wold appreciates that personal touch. She says it feels like collaborating with a friend who wanted to see her business succeed – and it sets Meg-A-Latte and Midco apart. When other business owners ask Wold about advertising, “I always say put your money right into commercial advertising with Midco. It will get the word out and help you succeed.”

Meg-A-Latte has been so successful, Wold opened a second location inside a church in Williston, where she’s making her mark professionally on her community.

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