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SMBs and the Future of Fiber


Fiber internet infrastructure will provide your business with the best internet service available.

If you’re a modern business owner, you know how important it is to be able to connect to your employees, customers and stakeholders from anywhere at any time. Whether you operate your small-to-medium business in a rural area, suburb or city, you need a fast, reliable internet connection to support your clients and staff.  

Internet Delivery Methods 

Midco offers a variety of internet delivery methods that you can choose from based on your specific business needs – or depending on your location. These methods fall into one of two broad categories: shared or dedicated delivery. On a shared delivery system, broadband internet subscribers share access to the same bandwidth. Dedicated delivery, on the other hand, guarantees businesses exclusive access to their personal bandwidth. 

Shared Delivery* 

  • Fixed Wireless: internet delivered over fiber, typically to a wireless tower. Download or upload speeds may not match coaxial, FTTP or fiber capabilities, but fixed wireless does deliver surprisingly low latency and quality internet, and it’s popular in rural areas. 
  • Coaxial (typically referred to as DOCSIS): internet access delivered over a copper coaxial line into the premises. Fast download speeds with the potential for symmetrical upload speeds, making it popular in homes and small businesses. 
  • Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP): a shared connection delivered over fiber that goes directly to your business, providing a more reliable connection.  

*Note: Just because a connection is technically considered shared, it is still secure per user on the other end. Your information and data isn’t shared with other people, but your bandwidth is being shared amongst others in your building or neighborhood.  

Dedicated Delivery 

  • Dedicated Fiber: a fiber delivery type that terminates to a network device on the premises that directly accepts Midco fiber. In other words, the fiber runs directly from our network into your business location. Dedicated delivery is popular in corporate environments that need the reliability of the circuit provided, 24/7 monitoring services, our 99.999% uptime, and the four-hour maximum downtime window we can offer with this delivery method. Dedicated fiber is also useful for specific SMBs who have high-bandwidth requirements. 

Dedicated connectivity is the most reliable delivery method, and it offers symmetrical downstream and upstream speeds with very low latency and jitter. Whether or not your SMB needs symmetrical speeds depends on its size, as upload speed requirements are generally lower than download speed requirements. Generally speaking, 100 Mbps is considered normal for both download and upload speeds at SMBs.

  • 60% of SMBs have download speed requirements of 100 Mbps or more
  • 55% of SMBs have upload speed requirements of 100 Mbps or more  

You might also want to consider the fact that your office computers aren’t the only things in your office running on the internet anymore. Many office phone systems use an internet connection now, and it will also be beneficial to have a strong connection for your employees’ devices so that they can stay connected to customers and to each other.  

Benefits for Your Business 

When you’re ready to upgrade your internet connection, we’re ready for you. The Midco onboarding experience is unique for each customer, but we pride ourselves on consistent service. It’s our goal to hit specific touchpoints on major deadlines to ensure construction, service transfer and installation all stay on track. 

Whether or not you get a fiber connection now, your business will benefit from Midco laying the groundwork for fiber infrastructure with our Fiber Forward plan.  

Learn about Midco’s future in fiber.  

Fiber Forward is a bold step in Midco’s continuing effort to provide powerful, high-speed internet connections as technology evolves. Find out more about how your business can benefit from Midco’s Fiber Forward plan. 

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