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Case Studies

Fixed Wireless on the Farm Brings Efficiency, Reliability

Case Studies

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In the northwest corner of Minnesota, just 20 miles from the Canadian border, is the community of Hallock. This town of roughly 1,000 people is a regional entertainment and outdoor recreation destination – and a thriving agricultural hub.

Hallock’s rural location could mean communications challenges – like spotty cellular service – but fixed wireless internet technology gives residents and businesses a solid backbone for fast, reliable connectivity. And for farmers like Kevin Klein and Erik Younggren, a steady connection means efficiency in an increasingly complex industry.

Erik Youngren_1140x640.jpg

"You don't have to live in a big city to create your dream."

- Erik Younggren

A Solid Rural Internet Connection

“It's important for us to have good, reliable internet on the farm,” said Klein. “We can research parts and equipment – things that we can't get locally we can get online. Every day, we're getting emails from local elevators based on what commodities did overnight, what they think is going to happen during the day.”

Reliable internet has helped usher in a resurgence in the community, too. More remote workers are moving back, as well as a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Not Limited by Small-Town Living

“You don't have to live in a big city to create your dream or live your dream,” Younggren added. “You can live in a small town where it's peaceful and quiet and low crime and still live your dream.”

Watch Younggren’s full story below and learn how fixed wireless technology is connecting rural America.

Time to connect.

Living in a small town or outside of town is a choice, not a limitation. Request a consultation to see how you can get connected!

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