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Carrier Neutrality: Why It Matters in Your Data Center


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Here’s what we want you to know: If you’re happy with your current network provider, then stay happy. No one says that you must have Midco’s network services to benefit from our secure data center services.

That’s why – when we decided to go into the data center business – we became carrier-neutral.

Being carrier-neutral means that we allow multiple carriers to connect fiber to our facilities via an external transport vault. This then cross-connects directly to our meet-me room – and then cross-connects again to your colocation space (see diagram below).

Thanks to this setup, you can be happy with your current carrier – and rest easy knowing that your IT equipment is connected and protected at the same time. Currently, we have more than five carriers connected in our data centers using this exact layout.

Benefits of A Carrier-Neutral Colocation Provider

1. Reliability and Security

First, colocation in a carrier-neutral data center allows for direct connectivity to the network of your choice – which can increase reliability and decrease downtime. And while Midco cannot guarantee another provider’s reliability or network security, we can take every precaution to ensure that your fiber is hooked up both reliably and securely to provide optimal connectivity for you and your data.

2. Flexibility

Carrier neutrality can provide you with additional flexibility when building your network architecture. You can mix and match network providers with data center service providers to host your equipment where you’d like.

Plus, a carrier-neutral data center can provide you instant access to several carriers from one place – making it easier to:

  • Expand to a new location.
  • Select a service provider in that area.
  • Connect to your secure data source from one secure location (or several locations, if you are connecting via multiple Midco data centers).

3. Disaster Recovery

In the data world, having backups on top of backups is a good thing. The ability to easily connect dual carriers can protect your connection in case of network issues or fiber cuts – and this kind of diversification is imperative for organizations providing mission-critical services – such as health care organizations and financial institutions.

4. Cost-Effective

You don’t have to run your own data center or spend thousands of dollars to run fiber to your building. And, you don’t need to set aside a budget to monitor your data protection 24/7 on your own.

We offer competitive pricing for cross-connecting networking services – and we’ll work directly with your carrier of choice to get their fiber connected to our data center. Then, once your equipment is safely connected, we’ll provide the monitoring and support required to ensure 24/7 security.

Learn More About Midco’s Data Centers

Midco also combines data center services with our wholly owned, operated and engineered fiber-optic network. If you’d like to set up a time to tour any one of the four locations, reach out to a Midco account executive for a consultation.

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