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New Look for Region's Largest Communications Company


The company that brings high-speed Internet, cable TV and phone services to more than 330,000 homes and businesses is changing its logo and will start using its nickname, Midco. The change is effective today.

“Midco has a long history of blazing new trails and launching the latest technology to deliver communications and entertainment to homes and businesses across the region,” says Pat McAdaragh, Midco President and CEO. ”Most of our customers already call us Midco. We believe our shortened name, logo and marketing honor our past, and more importantly, point to where we’re going in the future.”

Next on the horizon for Midco is gigabit Internet. The company will roll out ultra-high speed connections to its entire service area by the end of 2017. Already recognized as the fastest Internet service provider (ISP) in America, Midco will be the first in the country to bring the next generation of high-speed access to such a geographically large area. The company has a history of innovating products and services well before consumers and businesses need them – a vision that’s been carried through several generations of Midco leadership. This video depicts the company’s history and evolution to 2016.

Some Updates Now, Others on the Horizon

Midco customers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin will see some changes immediately, including advertising and marketing materials that will use the new name and logo. The company updated the look and streamlined the user experience for customers visiting, which also now offers online ordering for many services. The company’s website for residential customers,, displays the new logo and will soon get a refreshed look and feel as well.

“We have a lot of ground to cover. Everything from the signs on our buildings to graphics on service vehicles, letterhead, envelopes, and even the apparel our technicians wear will need to be updated,” says Trish McCann, Chief Marketing Officer at Midco. “It will be at least a year before we convert everything the public sees to the new name and logo.” There are no branding or name changes planned for Midco Sports Network®, the company’s regional sports network.

Committed to Community Investment

With all the big changes at Midco, McAdaragh is quick to point out some important constants.

“Our strong leadership isn’t changing – and neither is our commitment to invest in the communities we serve,” says McAdaragh. ”The stability of Midco is one of the reasons we’ve delivered great service and new technology since 1931.”

In 1931, movies were the new technology, and Midco’s first venture was the now famed Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis. From there, the company continued to innovate and grow – starting radio stations, launching the first TV station in South Dakota, creating one of the first cable TV systems to reach rural communities and building the Northern Plains Network™ – the fiber-optic network that now spans more than 8,400 miles, providing the fastest Internet in America to homes and delivering customized networking solutions businesses of all sizes.

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